The Story of The MTN BOX®


Designed and perfected with over 30 years of experience.

Think Inside the Box.

The MTN BOX® is designed to meet the rigorous demands of the entertainment industry. The only thing tougher is the crew behind it.
But there wasn’t always the option for a durable and adaptable road case that could be relied on—until now.

Mountain Productions has been the leader of entertainment staging and rigging for over 30 years, with the experience of thousands of event load-ins and outs throughout the company’s history. After years of using traditional ATA cases that would need to be replaced due to damage, we knew that the entertainment industry needed a better way to transport and protect valuable equipment. The goal was set to design a road case that catered to the rugged nature of production needs, but it wasn’t a simple task to tackle.

Mountain began extensive research on a rotational molded road case in 2010. Multiple drafts, designs, and ideas were put onto paper and explored in search of the perfect blend of durability and functionality. Led by the heads of Mountain Productions’ rigging, engineering and production departments, the road case project continued through rigorous research and development for many years, accumulating a wealth of feedback. Through trial and error and the experience of years of hands-on use with industry road cases, Mountain created the prototype for what would become the MTN BOX®. Criticism and feedback from our own supervisors on the road helped us to breakdown exactly what was needed in a road case. Because of this, we know that the MTN BOX® is stronger than the road, and is built with the backing of our own crew.


Experience is the backbone of the MTN BOX’s® design. We created a product for our own needs that could stand up to the use and abuse of being on the road. The MTN BOX® exceeds the industry standard case in durability and versatility. No other road case can match the level of customization that is put into our users’ hands. While the MTN BOX® was created originally for the entertainment industry, its ability to accommodate a wide variety of equipment is beneficial to any worker, in any industry, searching for the perfect way to protect their gear.

The reception of the original MTN BOX® design and its innovative insert system was overwhelmingly positive. Finally, users were given a road case that was able to conform to their exact needs, while providing the protection during transportation that they needed. The next step was to develop another case at a smaller size for users looking for the quality and features of the MTN BOX®, but in a compact package. With careful research and design, the MTN BOX®: Spektrum Series was born with the new addition of the Spektrum Series SM road case. The Spektrum Series draws its name from our innovative insert system, and the wide “spectrum” of configurations our MTN BOX® cases could become.


The future has some exciting developments in sight within the MTN BOX® brand. Our engineers are constantly improving the MTN BOX® designs, and working on prototypes for new road case opportunities. We’re excited for what’s next, and can’t wait to reveal what we’ve been working on.

But enough about us—Go ahead and see what you can create. We encourage you: Think Inside the Box.

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